Adding images / videos

Embed images and videos in your survey to enhance the respondent experience with visual stimulation.

In general, it's good to mix up the form factor throughout your survey with images, videos or alternating question types.

To upload an image, click the “Add image” button on the right hand side of your screen. We support are PNG, JPEG, HEIC, SVG, and GIF file types. Either drag and drop or upload an image. With many question formats, you can add an image within the question body itself or within each of the responses choices.

In terms of video, we currently only support videos uploaded to YouTube. If you wish for your video to remain private on the web, we suggest uploading as unlisted in YouTube.  If you want to ensure respondents watch all or at least a portion of your video, use the page timer function to prevent them from advancing in the survey for a set period of time.