Adding logic

Our Survey Tool offers 2 types of logic that can be added inline within the build view: display logic and skip logic.

To add logic, select the question you would like to apply the logic to and click the blue Logic button in the bottom right. From there you can choose display or skip logic and create your if/then statement.

Display logic controls whether or not a question will display based on a condition that has occurred earlier in the survey. For example, display logic on Question 2 could be: if Question 1 is answered “none of the above” then hide this question.

Skip logic allows you to “skip to” which essentially leapfrogs a respondent to a question deeper down the path. You can also use skip logic to disqualify a respondent.


Pro tip: Logic is one of the most important things to test in your survey. Make sure to confirm all paths work as expected before collecting responses. You can test using the Preview toggle or head to the Collect tab and utilize your testing link. Note that Preview responses are not stored whereas test link responses will be stored and appear under the Analyze tab. Just make sure to publish your changes before using the testing link.