Data Collection Process

  1. E-sign your quote. If you don't yet have a quote, request one here.
  2. Setup and submit. Build your survey in your preferred survey tool and then follow our setup and submission instructions for your applicable survey tool.
    • Don't have a survey tool? We offer Typform free of charge.
    • To get started in Typeform, create a free account here. If prompted, select “Try Pro Free” as you do not need to have a paid Typeform account.

    • After you’re done building, request a workspace here so we can access your survey and collect responses for you.

  3. Soft launch. We'll collect an initial 10-20 responses for you to review (included in your total). This allows you to have a look at how the data is shaking out and to ensure you don't have any build errors.  
  4. Full launch. We finish collecting your remaining responses. We guarantee quality on all responses.
  5. Invoiced. Large companies are invoiced after data collection with payment due net 30 days from the day of invoicing. Individuals may be required to pre-pay ahead of data collection.