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How We Safeguard Your Data

To ensure we’re providing you the best panel of respondents possible, we’ve developed a deep security stack comprised of both automated and manual security checks. We’ll cover a few of our primary security measures below.

IP verification

IP verification is a fairly simple method of confirming a respondent is present in the geography we targeted based on their profile information. If you’re aiming for respondents in Colorado, we’ll make sure folks on holiday in Germany don’t participate in your survey. As such, IP verification can provide a real-time read on the location of your respondents.


Proxy detection

IP addresses can easily be spoofed by using a VPN or other proxy services. Our advanced security stack includes security software specifically aimed at identifying respondents trying to misrepresent their location. 



Part of keeping a healthy panel is ensuring your panel is in fact made up of friendly humans, not bots. We introduce both visible and invisible Recaptcha throughout multiple intersects within the respondent experience.


Link manipulation

Many survey tools utilize redirects to communicate between Centiment Audience Panel and the survey tool itself. The occasional sophisticated hacker may try to alter the communication handoff in a survey to seek a reward without answering the survey. To combat this, Centiment employs SHA-1, a cryptographic hash function to ensure respondents are safely passed between environments. 


Fraud scoring

In addition to the automated security measures listed above, Centiment also evaluates speeding, straightening, and other signs of disengagement to build an overall fraud score on each and every respondent. If a certain fraud score threshold is breached, that respondent will no longer be eligible to participate in future surveys. 


Duplication prevention

You may want to run multiple surveys across a single target audience. Centiment keeps a detailed record of which respondents have entered which surveys. In doing so, we can ensure you have a unique group of respondents across your entire data set, even if it contains multiple surveys.