Manage quotas

Quotas are a powerful tool that enable you to precisely balance your responses across different groups.

Quotas can be based on one question or a series of questions and are essentially caps set on a particular group of responses. Centiment’s quotas report only on fully completed responses and do not factor in partial or disqualified responses.

To set up quotas within your survey, navigate to “Actions” in the top right of the build page and select “Manage quotas”. By default, you’ll see an “Overall completed responses” quota that can be employed by entering a value. To add an additional quota, select “Add quota” on the bottom left.

If collecting responses from Audience Panel, the quota met action for each quota should be set to “Mark as over quota”.

To illustrate how quotas can be used, let’s give an example. Imagine you want to collect 1,000 responses balanced on gender.

  1. Set your “Overall completed responses” quota to 1,000 and select a status for quota met. If you’re collecting from Audience Panel, set this to “Mark as over quota,” which will terminate the respondent's session.
  2. Now let's address gender balancing. Create two sub quotas. One for the response choice of “male” being answered in a question and one for “female”. Set each quota to 500 responses and set your “Quota met” condition.


Pro tip: We generally recommend over-allocating your quotas by 3% to enable you to throw a few responses out if they don’t appear to be thoughtful responses. E.g. if you need 1,000 responses, set your overall quota to 1,030 and set each of your male and female quotas to 515.