Preview / test survey

Important steps before launching any research project.

At the top of the survey build page, you’ll see an Edit / Preview toggle. As you build your survey, utilize this “Preview” function to view the survey from the respondent’s perspective. This is helpful in ensuring the survey is programmed correctly and to test any associated logic. If you are deep in a survey build on Q30, for example, you can select the three dot ellipsis within the question build to jump straight to previewing Q30 from the respondent view. 

If you want other people to help test your survey, make sure your survey is published and navigate to the “Collect” tab. Here you’ll see a testing link you can share with anyone. You have the option to close this collector link by toggling the switch under “Open”. Note that preview responses are not stored. If you want to analyze your test responses, use the test link. You can filter out test link responses using the filter options on the “Analyze” page.