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Data Collection Process

  1. E-sign your quote. If you need to adjust your quote, email your project manager directly for updated pricing. You can request a quote for a new survey project here.
  2. Submit your survey. After signing your quote, check your email for submission instructions.
    1. You can always build your survey in our free Survey Tool. Using a 3rd party tool? We can help with the technical setup or you can check out our setup documentation for various 3rd party survey tools here
    2. Collecting your data is just one of four steps in your project lifecycle. Want Centiment to help out with more than just collecting your responses? Check out our Research Services.
  3. Soft launch. We'll collect an initial 10-20 completed responses for you to review. This first wave of results comes from real respondents, so they’ll count toward the project’s overall response count.
    1. The soft launch phase allows you to understand how your questions are being interpreted by survey respondents. It also allows you an opportunity to check that your survey build and logic are working as anticipated.
    2. Please note that soft launch results are not indicative of balancing, quotas, or representative of the sample as a whole.
    3. Once you review and approve your soft launch data, we’ll move on to the next stage of the data collection process.

  4. Full launch. We finish collecting your remaining responses. We guarantee quality on all responses in a properly configured survey. If you have any questions regarding a response, please reach out to your project manager.
  5. Invoiced. Large companies are invoiced after data collection with payment due net 30 days from the day of invoicing. Individuals and first-time customers may be required to pre-pay ahead of data collection.