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We'll cover the minimum setup requirements: passing hidden variables (respondent IDs) and adding your redirect completion URL

Step 1: Passing Hidden Variables

When we send a respondent to your survey URL, we tag on hidden variables that helps us identify the respondent when they are redirected back to Centiment at the end of your survey.

  • Select Action
  • Select Add next to hidden value
  • Click Select a Merge Code
  • Click About the Respondent
  • Select Insert next to URL Variable
  • Under Populate with the following, swap xxx with aid
  • Repeat these steps to add in zid and proj
  • Note the hidden value block should be the first block in the survey
  • Illustrated below








Step 2: Completion URL

Set up a Centiment redirect URL at the end of your survey. This ensures that only participants who complete your study will be compensated by passing the hidden variable data listed above back to Centiment.

  • Scroll down to the Thank You page
  • Again, select Action
  • Select Add next to URL redirect
  • Paste in the corresponding URL for completions:
    • Scroll down and type aid under URL variable and Variable name
    • Repeat this process for the zid and proj variables







    Step 3: Fetch Your URLs

    You'll need to gather the survey URL that allows respondents to enter your survey as well as the reporting URL that summarizes your results. You will deposit these in the submission form at the bottom of this page.

    • SURVEY URL: To fetch your survey URL
    • Select the Share tab at the top of the screen
    • Select Copy under Primary Link


    • REPORT URL: To fetch your survey URL
    • Select the Results tab > Report
    • Scroll down to Create Report and select Standard
    • In the upper right select Share Report and copy your URL






    Step 4: Need to disqualify respondents?

    You'll need to send disqualified respondents to a specific URL to avoid being charged for them. Reference this article.

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