Translations / Multi-language surveys

Add multiple translations to a single survey. Analyze all your results in any language.

Are you running surveys across multiple countries? Chances are you are going to need to conduct that survey in each country's local language. The Centiment Translations feature makes this a breeze.

Getting your translation uploaded

Let's say you need to write your survey in English but then distribute it in English, Spanish, and German. After writing your survey and publishing it, head to Actions > Translations > Add translation. Select a language and download the translations CSV.  You can quickly copy-paste your base language (column B) into Google Translate or request a professional translation from Centiment. Once your translation is finalized in column C, upload your CSV file. Repeat this process for your German translation.

Reviewing your translation

Now that your translations have been uploaded, you'll want to preview each translation in the respondent view. Next to each translation, you'll see an ellipsis (three dots). Select this menu and select Preview. Open the Jump to question panel on the right-hand side to quickly navigate to a particular question. 

Distributing your translated survey

To get your translations delivered to your respondents, head to the Collect page and select Add collector. After selecting your type of collector, a pop-up will appear where you can set your collection language. Add a new collector for each translation.

Analyzing your translations

Now that you've created three collectors and gathered your responses in English, Spanish, and German, it's time to start your analysis! Head to the Analyze page. In the upper right, you'll see a dropdown that is likely set to English. This toggle sets the language you wish to view all responses in. If you wish to filter by a particular language respondents answered in, from the left-hand side, select Add filter > Language.

Note that when exporting data, it will be displayed in the language you view responses in on the Analyze page. Within the Excel/CSV/SPSS the Language column indicates the language in which the respondent completed the survey.

Advanced settings: Respondent language dropdown

The respondent will be presented the survey in the language set in their collector. However, in the respondent survey view, there will be a toggle in the right-hand portion of the screen that enables them to change the language at any point in the survey. To remove this language toggle, head to Build > Actions > Survey settings > Display language dropdown. To suppress just one particular language from the dropdown, head to Translations > Elipsis menu next to the application language > Hide.