Your first survey

Step-by-step instructions to Build, Collect and Analyze in the Centiment Survey Tool

Welcome to the Centiment Survey Tool. It’s an intuitive, frustration-free experience for researchers and respondents alike. We’re glad you’re here.

Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Build

  1. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create a Centiment account here.
  2. Once you have a Centiment account set up, log in, and you’ll arrive at the Dashboard. 
  3. Click the plus button and select “Build a survey”. 
  4. You’re now ready to begin entering questions. Select the appropriate question type and add your text. Take note of the options in the dropdown on your right.
  5. As you finish questions, you can add the next one by clicking the “Add question” button below.

If you’re ever curious how a question will look to your respondents, click the Preview button at the top of the window, or the three dots at the top-right of the question. You can toggle between Edit and Preview as you work through the build.


Pro tip: Want a high-level overview, or need to rearrange questions? Click the arrow on the left of your screen to open the “Jump to question” window.


Your progress will save automatically. You can also hit the yellow Publish button to save a version you can revert to later. Don’t worry, hitting Publish won’t actually send your survey to anyone. If you’re collecting through the Audience Panel, our team will launch your survey to respondents.


Step 2: Collect

When you’re ready to start collecting responses, make sure your survey is Published and navigate to the Collect tab. If you’re collecting from Audience Panel, our team will take it from here. If you’re collecting on your own, you can create a new shareable link to your survey by clicking “Add link”.


Pro tip: it’s always a good idea to test your survey before sending it out for collection. You can test through preview mode, or share the testing link with others to get more feedback.


Anyone can try out the Survey Tool and gather up to 50 responses for free. Subscribe to unlock more responses. If you’re collecting targeted responses from Audience Panel, the Survey Tool is completely free to use. Have a subscription and also collecting from Audience Panel? Audience Panel responses will not count toward your subscription’s response count limit.

Step 3: Analyze

Now that you’ve finalized your data collection, it's time to start digging in and finding your insights. Navigate to the Analyze tab to begin.

When viewing the Summary, you’ll get a visual overview of response data for each of your questions. Use the window on the left of your screen to filter your results by question, collector, date, and more. If you’d like to compare filtered segments to one another, try opening a second analyze tab in another window.

Want to share your Summary view by link? Apply your desired filters and then select “Reporting summary” in the upper right of the screen followed by “Get link”. Any filters applied will be preserved in your reporting summary.

Select “Responses” from the toggle on the Analyze page to view responses one by one. Adjust your columns to view the data that is most applicable. This view is particularly helpful when you want to segment your data into groups using tags or to delete individual responses.

Ready to roll up your sleeves on some raw data? Hit “Export data” to download your responses in CSV, XLSX, or SPSS. Similar to the reporting summary, the export data feature will adhere to any filters that have been put in place.