Screen-outs/Disqualifications | Qualtrics

Every respondent that reaches the completion URL at the end of your survey will be rewarded. To avoid rewarding unqualified respondents, you'll want to screen them out by sending them back to Centiment using a different URL.

Below is an example of an attention check setup. If the respondent fails to select none of the above, they are screened out.

First, from the panel on the left of your screen, set skip logic that skips the respondent to the end of their current block if they fail the attention check. This prevents the respondent from being exposed to additional questions. The same process would be applied for an unqualified response to a demographic question, for example.

Next, select the Survey flow tab from the left of the page. You'll want to locate the block that contains your screen-out question and set the logic necessary to send them to the screen-out URL.

  • Under the correct block, select Add a New Element Here > End of Survey
  • From the red box, select customize
  • Select Override Survey Options
  • Select Redirect to a URL
  • Enter the terminate URL:${e://Field/aid}
  • Select Save

The image below illustrates that both screen-out and completion blocks (End of Survey blocks) will look the same, but should contain different URLs

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