Screen-outs/Disqualifications | Alchemer

Every respondent that reaches the completion URL at the end of your survey will be rewarded. To avoid rewarding unqualified respondents, you'll want to screen them out by sending them back to Centiment using a different URL.

Set logic, screen-out URL, and hidden variables

  • Navigate to Skip/Disqualify Action on the last page of your survey just above your Thank You page
  • Select Edit and set your rules based on questions and responses
  • Scroll down the page, under If the Logic Passes, send the respondent to
    • Check the box for External URL
    • Enter:
  • Check the box Disqualified
  • Click Save Action in the lower right
  • Scroll down, under Fields To Pass(optional), select URL Variable from the drop-down menu
  • Click Add Variable
  • Enter aid for both URL Variable and Variable Name


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