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Survey Lifecycle

There are 4 stages to a survey project. Centiment can assist with any or all of these stages. Each stage is priced separately.

  1. Write Questions. In this stage, if engaged, a member of our Research Services team will work with you to identify the goals of your study. Your Centiment researcher will then draft your questions and collaborate over email or a Google Doc to obtain sign off from you. Surveys tend to most often utilize closed-ended questions as the uniform reporting makes analysis & interpretation most efficient.
  2. Program Survey.  Once your questions are drafted, they need to be programmed into the survey tool of best fit (e.g. Centiment Survey Tool, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Typeform, etc.). You can engage our team to program your survey into any of the tools listed above.
  3. Collect Responses. After inspecting the setup of your survey, your project manager will drive targeted respondents to your survey. Centiment begins every data collection process with a soft launch. More on our soft launch strategy and the overall data collection process can be found in this article.

    Setup instructions for the most popular 3rd-party survey tools can be found here: Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, and Typeform. We can also assist with hosting in other major survey tools. Note that if Centiment is programming your survey for you, we will handle the setup process. We are also more than happy to help out with the setup even if you are only utilizing us for data collection. 
  4. Analyze Data. After collecting data from your target audience, the Research Services team can provide an in-depth analysis of key findings. Persona development and more advanced modeling is available as well. Deliverables range from an interactive web-based deck to more traditional PowerPoint and PDF formats. A quick how-to guide to reading CSV/Excel outputs is available here.

Note that your survey quote may only include pricing for collecting responses. If you need assistance with any of these other stages, contact your rep directly or drop us a note at support@centiment.co and we'd be happy to provide you with pricing.